Man revokes wife's access to credit cards

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It's imperative that parents treat their adopted and biological children equally. There are several ways to bond with adopted children so that they feel included in the family.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man revokes his wife’s access to his credit cards after she refused to buy his adopted daughter things.

Man revokes wife's access to credit cards

The author starts the post by saying that he has two children, Chloe (12 years old) and Hope (14 years old). Hope is adopted while he had Chloe with his ex-wife. His current wife is Jenna.

Due to his hectic work schedule, the author asked Jenna to handle daily expenses and get his daughters everything they needed. He gave her his credit cards.

Having said that, he noticed that Chloe was buying a lot of stuff, unlike Hope. So the author confronted Hope to know whether the places Jenna took them weren’t good and find the reason why she wasn’t buying anything. She didn’t give a direct answer, so he told her that she could tell him anything.

Five days after this, Hope sent him a 37-minute-long voice recording of when they visited the mall. In the recording, Hope asked Jenna whether she could get a thing she liked, Jenna replied there wasn’t enough money. When Hope pointed out that there was enough money, Jenna clarified that Chloe needed to buy other things. Upon pushing, Jenna snapped and told Hope to get money from her biological dad if she wanted something so badly.

The author confronted Jenna, who initially refused to have said anything. Upon listening to the recording, she said her words were taken out of context. He then revoked her access to all his credit cards. When Jenna found out, she was furious and went to stay with her sister.

Jenna still contacts Chloe but hasn’t spoken to him yet.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to have revoked Jenna’s access to his credit cards? Share your thoughts below.

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