Woman furious at mother for missing her child's birth

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Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and hold a special place in the couple’s and their parent's hearts. Like weddings, the birth of a child in the immediate family is also a beautiful moment.

But what if these both fall on the same day and a parent has to choose which one to attend?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman is furious at her mother for choosing to miss her child’s birth by attending her sister’s wedding.

Woman misses grandchild's birth to attend her other daughter's wedding

The author starts the post by saying that she has two daughters, Nichole (26 years old) and Sophia (32 years old). Nichole got married and Sophia had her first child this year. The author specifies that she tried to maintain a good relationship with her daughters, but had a few issues with Sophia.

Having said that, Nichole asked the author whether she would walk her down the aisle since their father wasn’t in the picture, and the latter happily agreed. At the same time, Sophia also asked the author whether she could help care for the baby after she delivered. Since her due date was around three weeks after the wedding, the author was excited and said she would be there.

But things got complicated after Sophia went into labor the afternoon before Nichole’s wedding. The author missed Sophia’s first call because she was 2.5 hours away from Sophia’s place and was helping Nichole arrange the wedding.

When she caught hold of Sophia, she was asked to reach the hospital as soon as possible. The author spoke to Nichole, who understood that her sister needed their mother. Nichole moved her wedding to the morning so that the author would reach the hospital in the afternoon.

But Sophia wanted the author to be there the night before the wedding. So the author asked her to consider her son-in-law (Sophia’s husband) a second choice and Sophia got angry at the author.

The next day, the author missed the birth by a couple of hours and Sophia refused to see her even after she was shifted to a room. Sophia and her husband think that the author should have reached the hospital right when they asked her to come.

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