Woman berates birthday boy by being 'brutally honest' for his likes

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Being brutally honest isn’t a good trait if one speaks unnecessarily without considering the situation. If one speaks at the wrong time, being brutally honest could hurt others’ feelings unnecessarily and offer no motivation or purpose.

Also, a brutally honest person might eventually enjoy being ‘brutal’ rather than ‘honest’.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman berates a birthday boy for what he likes in the name of being honest.

Woman tells daughter-in-law’s niece off after she was brutally honest

The author starts the post by saying that her daughter-in-law’s niece, Jessica, an 18-year-old girl, claims that she is brutally honest.

They had gathered for the author’s grandson’s, Jason, (12-year-old) birthday party when Jessica started insulting him for his likes. She said that Jason liked Marvel over DC because his parents didn’t care for him. She also pointed out that he liked dinosaurs and science stuff more than sports. Since Jason wants to be a Paleontologist, the author felt her comments would discourage him.

When the author asked Jessica why she was against Jason’s likes, she replied that she was being brutally honest and helping Jason from getting teased in school. The author pointed out that Jessica was teasing Jason in the disguise of brutal honesty and all those were just her opinion.

But Jessica defended herself by saying that she could voice her opinions.

The author then took the piece of cake Jessica was having and threw it in the trash because she was overweight. Jessica was surprised and felt that the author was cruel for calling her overweight. The author replied that she was just being brutally honest.

Although Jessica’s parents didn’t say anything, her grandparents felt that the author shouldn’t have mentioned her weight. She explained that Jessica was belittling her grandson’s dreams and shouldn’t have done that.

The author ends the post by mentioning that all children were playing outside during the conversation.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to have spoken about Jessica’s weight? Share your thoughts below.

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