Man furious at American girlfriend for serving 'pizza' to his Italian parents

Aabha Gopan

Impressing one’s partner’s parents can be a hard task, especially when they’re sensitive and take offense at silly matters. In case things are bad with them, one can always rectify their mistakes and apologize.

But what if one didn’t do anything intentionally to earn their dislike?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man is furious at his girlfriend for serving ‘pizza’ to his Italian parents.

Woman serves boyfriend's parents pizza for dinner

The author starts the post by saying that she has been dating her boyfriend for seven months. Her boyfriend has Italian heritage and she understood from the several dinners she has had with his family that they’re proud of it.

Having said that, one night his parents dropped by their apartment for the first time to have dinner. Since they hadn’t given any prior notice about their visit the author couldn’t cook anything grand. Also, she was working. So she ordered pizza for everyone.

But she got a bad response from his parents when they saw the pizza.

His father claimed that she was a racist for assuming that they would have only pizzas. He felt like she was mocking their culture and food. They left without eating even though her boyfriend tried to convince them to stay.

Now her boyfriend is saying that the author intentionally insulted his parents by serving pizza. He wants her to call and apologize to them. But she doesn't think she has done anything wrong.

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