Mother forces teenager follow a religion of her choice

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Forcing a religion on children can seem like a good option to parents. However, this can reduce their will to practice the religion and damage their outlook on that particular religion.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a mom forces her teenage daughter to practice Catholicism, which, eventually, made her resent it.

Teenage daughter calls mother a lunatic and freak

The author starts the post by saying that her mother is a devout catholic and has forced it on the author since childhood. She added that it took a ‘chunk of her life and all her childhood away.’

The author gave a few examples like how she wasn’t allowed to consume any media that the bible looked down upon. Also, her mother took away grunge music, which she was interested in. Her mother also scolded her when her beliefs didn’t align with what was in the bible.

A few years back, the author got into spirituality, witchcraft, astrology, etc., as it resonated with her and made her happy. So she bought tarot cards, crystals, and rune stones on her own and hid them in the ceiling.

Everything went fine till her mother found them. They got into a huge argument during which her mother called her disrespectful and a devil worshiper, and also destroyed her tarot cards, and other belongings.

The author got furious and told her mother that she was forcing her religion onto others and suggested that that could be why her father divorced her. This hurt her mother, who later said that she will kick the author out next month.

Now the author wonders whether she did wrong by telling her mother that.

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