Man lies $30 engagement ring is worth $50,000 to his fiance

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Is it okay to lie to your partner?

Some experts say that white lies are to some extent normal and common in a relationship. But bigger lies are rare and can damage the relationship by eroding trust. Also, the partner who is lied to might feel like a fool for believing the lie.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit topic in which a man lied that the engagement ring he bought was worth $50,000 when it originally cost not more than $30.

Woman tells sister that her engagement ring was cheap

The author starts the post by saying that her wife, Katie, is a jeweler. Around a month ago, her younger sister, Lydia, got engaged to her boyfriend, Seth.

Seth comes from a wealthy background and can afford a lavish lifestyle. Although he has a good job, his parents send him money regularly.

The ring that Seth proposed is beautiful and he claimed it cost him $50,000. The couple (Lydia and Seth) always bragged about how expensive the ring was.

Lydia asked Katie a favor to clean and polish the ring before their engagement photoshoot. During the process, Katie understood that the ring was made of cheap materials and wouldn’t cost more than $30. The author and Katie decided that it was best she told Lydia.

So the author told her sister that the ring was definitely not worth the amount Seth was saying. They were concerned whether Seth was scammed by the person who sold it to him.

When Lydia confronted Seth, he revealed that he already knew it was cheap and was hoping Lydia wouldn’t find out. So she broke the engagement and shifted to her friend’s place.

Meanwhile, the author’s parents are angry at her and Katie for ruining Lydia’s relationship. They think the author should have minded her own business.

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