Adult children furious at dad for wanting to give equal inheritance to stepchild

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Should one include a stepchild in their inheritance?

Stepchildren have no right over one’s wealth until they’re officially adopted. However, one can write a will listing the assets to their stepchild.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man decides to give his stepchild and biological children an equal inheritance.

Adult children furious at dad for wanting to give equal inheritance to stepchild

The author, 62 years old, starts the post by saying that he got married to his current wife, 39 years old, four years ago. His wife has a son, 12 years old, whose dad visits occasionally since he is in a different state. The author also has two biological children, a 34-year-old man, and a 32-year-old woman, from his first marriage.

The author admits that he wasn’t a great father to his biological children because he was busy building his company and distant when they were growing up. He was struggling to pay bills back then and would always argue with his ex-wife. But his biological kids reconciled with him after they grew up and helped him succeed in his business. As a result, the author is wealthy now.

As for his stepchild, the boy sees the author as an uncle rather than a father. The boy lives in luxury and has a more attentive stepdad than the author’s children had.

Having said that, the issue is that the author told his biological children that he was planning to give equal inheritance to them and his stepson. He felt like giving the children 20% each, and his present wife 30%. His biological children would get the business unless his wife or stepson decide they want to be involved. Even if that was the case, his biological children would get the major share.

His biological children think that isn’t fair because the boy was getting to live in luxury with his stepfather, which they (biological children) didn’t have when they were kids.

What do you think? Should the author give more to his biological children? Share your thoughts below.

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