Man asks ex-wife for child support because she is rich

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Who gets child support?

Basically, child support is the money that a parent gives the custodian parent to care for the child. Unfortunately, despite being a familiar term, the idea of child support is unclear to some people.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a father asks his ex-wife for child support even though he has their daughter only for eight days a month.

Man asks ex-wife for child support because she is rich

The author starts the post by saying that he split with his ex-wife 11 years ago when their daughter was 3 months old. His ex-wife didn’t let him meet her or the baby for a year and moved in with her parents.

Later, they came to the agreement that their daughter would stay with him for four days every other weekend. His wife also agreed not to ask for child support if he didn’t fight for 50/50 custody. Right now, their daughter only stays six nights every month and eight days every second weekend.

Recently, the author got to know from mutual friends that she is a plastic surgeon. He wondered why she didn’t pay him child support despite earning well.

He took up the issue with her and she got annoyed asking why she should pay child support when he didn’t. He justified that he was in debt and she is rich. He also pointed out that she still drives her old Nissan and bought an old apartment to hide her money.

So the author used an online calculator and found out that his ex-wife has to pay him $800/week for child support. He printed it out and kept it in his daughter’s bag so that his ex-wife would find it.

But instead of her, his daughter found it and got so furious at him that she refused to meet him. His ex-wife also said she is taking him to court and has blocked all means of communication with him. However, the author thinks he has done nothing wrong.

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