Man horrified after wife becomes 'baby obsessed'

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When should one have a baby?

Having a child should be a couple’s unified decision and not the opinion of just one of the parents. Since a child is a great responsibility for the parents and can bring about a lot of change in their relationship and life, both parents must be willing to have a baby.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman becomes obsessed with having a baby and doesn't inform her partner before she stopped taking birth control measures.

“I just want to be ready”

The author starts the post by saying that he and his wife got married recently and planned to start trying for a baby only after he finishes his degree and gets a job. But all of a sudden his wife thinks their timeline is outdated and wants a baby as soon as possible.

This change came about after a pregnancy scare, which literally scared him. It was then that his wife revealed that she stopped taking birth control measures without discussing it with him.

That was just the beginning as his wife lost touch with reality.

She cleared their spare bedroom, which was his makeshift office, into a nursery. She bought infant clothes, made a list of baby names, shared pregnancy-related stuff on social media, and purchased expensive baby things that they couldn’t afford. She also bought diapers.

Although the author tried to stop her, she justified her actions by saying that she just wants to be ready.

The author ends the post by saying that he isn’t ready yet as he works for over 40 hours a week and his wife has a part-time job with a high school degree.

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