"Be careful. You'll get hurt in more ways than one" Man warns daughter's boyfriend

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How does anger affect a relationship?

Anger issues can affect a person’s relationship in irreparable ways. It could cause undesirable drama, which could tire one’s partner and eventually end the relationship.

Not the least, an anger outburst might escalate an argument over even silly differences, making it difficult to reconcile.

In situations where the anger goes uncontrolled, it can lead to verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man warns his daughter’s boyfriend that he needs to be careful or would get hurt because of his relationship.

Man breaks up girlfriend after dating her for 3 weeks

The author starts the post by saying that his girlfriend invited him to dinner with her parents. Since it's normal in their culture to get parents’ approval at the beginning of the relationship, he didn’t think much about it and accepted the invitation.

During the dinner, the author noticed that his girlfriend’s dad was extremely quiet like a statue or ghost. He had only spoken to introduce himself, which was more of a whisper.

On the other hand, her mom was loud and talkative. She was so loud that he felt the house shake when she laughed. Her reactions were over-the-top and he felt drained just by listening to her.

While he ate dinner he also noticed that his girlfriend was a lot like her mother. They would laugh loudly and hit the table. Although he was fine with that, he was alarmed by how her mother slapped her father jokingly every time she laughed.

The author wrote that it wasn’t a friendly hit but a ‘hard slap.’ He could see that her father was hurting from how he twitched in pain or surprise.
He left to compose himself in between the dinner and when he came out, her father was waiting for him. He told the author, "Be careful. They're the same. You'll get hurt in more ways than one.”

He didn’t hear her father talk after that. However, her mother was talking endlessly.

After the incident, the author could see the red flags in his relationship with his girlfriend.

His girlfriend would casually hit or slap him every time she was excited or laughed. She would find something to pinch or kick whenever she got angry. She would also throw things in frustration, especially when she loses in games. He recollected one incident when his girlfriend shouted so loudly that he could hear ringing in his ears.

The author broke up with his girlfriend for good. She and her mother are currently bombarding him with nasty messages, which he is ignoring. He ends the post by thanking his ex-girlfriend’s father and hoping he gets out of the relationship.

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