"He had cancer, show some empathy" Man demands GF pay for his cancer-survivor friend

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Cancer survivors face huge financial issues as they struggle to pay medical bills. The situation becomes more difficult when they can’t find a job.

But is it right to expect others to pay for them because of their financial hardship?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man demands his girlfriend pay for his cancer survivor friend.

Woman leaves the restaurant when her fiance asks her to pay for his friend's meal

The author starts the post by saying that her fiance’s friend, Steve, is a cancer survivor. Her fiance, Jack, supported Steve throughout his cancer journey and they’re close.

Recently, Steve started going out and socializing. The issue is that Jack expects the author to pay for Steve’s meals or drinks because ‘he had cancer, show some empathy.’ Once she even had to pay when Steve purchased something from an electronics shop. This happened a few times before the author decided enough was enough and told Jack that she wouldn’t pay anymore.

But Jack reminded her that cancer survivors face financial issues and they, as friends, should help Steve. However, the author is upset because she is the one paying always.

Having said that, one day, while Jack and the author were having lunch, Steve joins them out of nowhere. As the author was about to pay the bill, Jack gestured to her to pay for Steve as well. But she asked him why. Since he couldn’t say the reason in front of Steve, he pulled her aside. She clarified that although Steve having cancer was unfortunate, he wasn’t entitled to her money. Jack insisted she pay one more time, but she refused.

As of now, Jack is mad at her and calls her petty, selfish, and other names. According to him, he can’t pay because he is unemployed. So she should have shown a bit of kindness and not jeopardized his friendship.

What do you think? Should the author have paid for Steve’s lunch? Share your thoughts below.

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