Woman refuses to let sister's boyfriend have the password to her safe while she's away

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Is one’s partner entitled to know all their secrets?

44% percent of Americans keep their finances a secret from their partners due to privacy concerns and the desire to control their own finances.

Also, nowadays, couples prefer having some financial independence. So they opt to keep aside a part of their income for themselves and put the rest in a shared account.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman refuses to share her sister’s safe’s password with her boyfriend (sister’s BF).

Woman refuses to let sister's boyfriend have the password to her safe while she's away

The author starts the post by saying that she is staying with her elder sister, Natalie, and her boyfriend, Micah.

Natalie has a safe with some of their grandma’s jewelry and other antics. Since they are handed down in the family, Natalie shared the password with the author so that she can wear the ornaments she likes. However, Natalie has asked the author to inform her before taking anything and also to not share the password of the safe with anyone.

Having said that, Natalie went on a girl's trip and won’t be back for three more days. While the author was cleaning her room, Micah casually asked her details about the safe. The author gave one-word answers and Micah felt she was being secretive.

Then, he asked her to give him the password because he wanted to see what was in it. When she refused to, he said she was only a guest in his house and had to give him the password. He also reminded her that he was Natalie’s boyfriend, implying that he was closer to her sister and that she was just a guest.

The author suggested he wait for Natalie to come to ask her. Micah said that Natalie refused to share the password with him. Then, they got into an argument.

The author tried to reach Natalie, but couldn’t connect. After Micah yelled at her, she is scared that she disrespected him in his own house.

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