Woman cuts down houseowner's tree after being asked not to do so

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If a tenant damages their house owner’s property, the latter can terminate the contract and serve the former an eviction notice. The tenant will most likely have to pay compensation for the damage.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman gives a go to make a change to her house owner’s property after the latter said ‘no.’ While doing so, the woman unknowingly damaged the house owner’s property.

Woman unknowingly gives a go to cut down her house owner’s late husband’s tree

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband rented his aunt’s house cheaply. Her parents live in an RV and approached the couple asking if they could park their RV there. But the house didn’t have a gate that would fit her parent’s huge RV.

So the author’s husband asked his aunt whether they could install another gate, which she refused. When the author’s parents learned of this, they were heartbroken.

One day, when she reached home, she saw her father directing a construction crew to make the changes to fit the RV. They had removed parts of the fence by when she reached, so she felt it would be better if they went forward with it. Whereas, her husband asked the author’s father to stop.

However, the author’s father installed the gate and also cut down a tree to fit the RV. The author planned to break the news to her husband’s aunt.

Later, her husband’s aunt came that way and saw that the tree was cut. She started crying and refused to talk to the author or her father. After two days, the author and her husband received a 30-day notice on their door and they have nowhere to go.

Later, they got to know that the tree was planted by the aunt’s late husband. Her husband and everyone else on his side of the family is angry at the author. But she doesn’t think she is responsible for cutting the tree.

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