"Be a dad to his daughter" Man refuses to accept affair child to hide his infidelity

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Should one come clean with their spouse after a night of infidelity?

Although disclosing one-time infidelity to one’s significant other reduces guilt, some experts suggest it's better kept under the wraps if they’re happy in their relationship.

If there is a reason for the affair, they should tell their spouse about it so that they can decide on how to go forward.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man refuses to accept his affair child to hide his infidelity from his wife.

“Be a dad to his daughter"

The author starts the post by saying she and her husband dated for 3 years and then married 4 years ago.

During the third year of their marriage, she noticed a significant change in her husband’s behavior. He started drinking excessively, lost his job, and cut contact with most of his family members. With her help, her husband got over the addiction and landed a better-paying job.

One day, she came home to her husband crying. At first, she thought there was death in his family and tried to console him. After 20 minutes, he calmed down and told her he had a one-night stand at his brother’s wedding two years ago and got the woman pregnant. His family asked him to step up and be a dad to his daughter but he was afraid the author would walk away and decided to not be involved.

Despite this, the woman went on to have the baby and his family kept pressuring him to do the right thing. After his daughter was born, he visited and held her, and admitted to seriously considering being involved in her life. But he resisted because he was afraid the author would leave him.

However, his daughter passed away when she was five months old due to health issues and he hasn’t been able to forgive himself because he rejected and abandoned her. His family is blaming him and that’s when he started drinking and became depressed.

He broke down and said that his daughter meant something to him and he is ‘done hiding the way he feels about his flesh and blood.’ He also hoped the author would forgive him because his daughter passing away was the punishment he got for his infidelity.

Right now, the author is staying with her mother and she is still in disbelief.

What do you think of the author’s situation? Share your thoughts below.

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