Woman asks children to accept their mother's affair for the sake of her happiness

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Does age matter in love?

Although people say there is no age limit for love and marriage, many might not support the idea of an old person remarrying because it’s considered shameful.

Also, a study claimed that old people who lived alone saw a severe decrease in their health.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit topic in which an elderly woman is shamed for moving in with a man she loves. Her children find it hard to accept their old mother’s relationship.

Woman asks her father, aunts, and uncles to grow up and get over their mom’s affair

The author, a 21-year-old, starts the post by saying that she loves her 65-year-old grandmother.

While growing up her grandmother was left to care for five children after her grandfather ran out on them. Her grandfather was also an alcoholic and would hurt his wife (her grandmother). One fine night in the 90s, her grandmother got tired of his behavior and kicked him out.

After that, he didn’t pay child support, help her buy a house, or spend time with his kids. But despite this, they didn’t get a divorce because her grandmother was against it.

However, two years ago her grandmother started dating William, 67 years old, secretly. She didn't introduce him to her kids because she was afraid of their reaction. Only the author knew about the relationship.

This past July, her grandmother informed everyone that she was moving in with William. Everyone was furious and accused her of cheating. They said she chose her affair partner over her children. When her grandmother asked her grandfather for divorce, he too accused her of cheating.

Now her grandmother’s children are not contacting her.

At a family gathering (with only her grandmother’s children), they were bad-mouthing their mother. So the author stood up against them and asked them to be happy for their mother. She pointed out that her grandmother had lived most of her life for her children, and it's unfair that they’re praising her grandfather and bad-mouthing her grandmother.

They asked the author to think from their perspective and said it was weird that their mother would want to have a romantic relationship at her age.

Now, the author is wondering whether she did wrong by asking her aunts, uncles, and parents to grow up and get over their mother’s ‘affair.’

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