Man kicks out sister for cooking 'spaghetti'

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What should one do when a person refuses to acknowledge the severity of an allergy and purposely exposes the allergic person to the allergen?

Food allergy is sometimes not taken seriously as it affects people in different intensities. While a few might get away with minor symptoms, others might develop life-threatening issues if exposed to allergens.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man throws his sister out after she repeatedly cooked gluten-containing food in their house despite his daughter being severely celiac.

Who makes the rules in a house?

The author starts the post by saying that his daughter (10 years old) is a severe celiac, and even a minute cross contamination could set her back for weeks. As a result, she’s underweight and has food anxiety. If she doesn’t feel a dish is safe, she doesn’t have it.

This shouldn’t be a problem since the author’s house has a kitchenette and a kitchen, both with pans and other utensils. However, they have a rule that gluten products will be stored and used only in the kitchenette.

Recently, the author’s sister and her kids had to move in with them. They were given rooms in the basement, which were near the kitchenette. When they arrived, they were given clear instructions regarding not using the kitchen to cook anything containing gluten. But they found a box of pasta in the kitchen in less than a week. The author explained to his sister why they had the rule, and she was apologetic.

After a month, the author’s daughter came running to him, panicking over his sister cooking chicken in the kitchen. When he asked, his sister said the kitchenette was too small and apologized.

But after that, they weren’t sure the kitchen was safe for his daughter. So they threw out every pan his sister might have used and deep cleaned the kitchen. These incidents also made his daughter regress in therapy, and they got her take-outs from a gluten-free restaurant. If not, they would have to take to her into inpatient care.

Having said that, last Sunday, he came home to his daughter having the worst panic attack. His mother and sister were making an entire Sunday meal with spaghetti, mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, etc., in the kitchen.

The author threw all the food outside and kicked his sister out, saying she didn’t care for her niece’s life. His mother was furious at him for kicking his sister and her kids out over a ‘food allergy.’

Although his wife agrees with him, she feels he could have given them another chance as his sister doesn’t have anywhere else to go. His mother can’t afford to take her in, and his sister would be homeless.

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