"Maybe I should try to find someone younger while I still can" Wife overhears her husband tell his brother

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How should one react when things get hard in life?

Knowing one might never become a parent can be challenging for men and women. A man might feel less of a man if he can't have children, creating trauma. This might affect men psychologically, causing depression, anxiety, and stress-related illness.

But even today, the subject of men not being able to have children is a taboo.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a man lies to his family about his wife being barren and badmouths her to his brother.

“Just isn’t sure if she is worth the effort”

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband have been together for eight years and married six years ago. But they couldn’t conceive after trying for a year. Upon consulting with a doctor, they learned that her husband couldn't have children. He always wanted to become a father, which was a huge deal for him.

After a while, her husband suggested they visit a sperm bank. Although she was doubtful, but he convinced her, saying they weren’t getting any younger and that he was okay with it.

But when they went through the book with descriptions of donors, her husband felt insecure about raising someone else’s child. So she stopped the appointment.

Her husband continued to act weird and would make weird remarks. Once, he also mocked her and her brother-in-law, saying they could have a child.

So she canceled the whole plan and said she didn’t want to have children with him due to his behavior.

Having said that, they were obliged to visit her husband’s family to attend a birthday party. It went fine until her mother-in-law asked her to get everyone inside. That's when she understood that her husband had told his family that she was having issues getting pregnant due to old age, and that they were having issues because of that.

Her husband said, "maybe I should try to find someone younger while I still can,” and “just isn’t sure if she is worth the effort.”

The author grabbed the car keys, and when the others asked why she was crying, she told everyone the truth. Later her husband returned home and was angry at her for sharing his secret and embarrassing him.

The author ends the post by saying that she is staying with her sister now and thinks their marriage is irreparable.

What do you think? Should the author have left without saying anything despite how her husband talked about her? Share your thoughts below.

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