"I'm the smart child!" Woman wants sister to go to a less known university

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Should one ever ask their sibling to settle for something less out of jealousy?

Sibling rivalry is the jealousy and competition that result in arguments and fighting between siblings. Although it is prominent during the siblings’ childhood, they usually grow out of it.

However, in some cases, it increases with time.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman, who performed better academically, asked her sister to go to a less-known university like her.

“I am the smart child!”

The author starts the post by saying that her sister had been better than her, especially academically. The author has some learning disabilities and requires instructions to complete certain tasks. So her sister always thought she was better than her and would express it openly. Since their parents took her sister’s side, she couldn’t say anything against her.

A few years ago, her sister failed to get into Oxford, her dream university. Instead, she got into a good college. Meanwhile, the author worked hard to get into a good university and make her parents and sister proud.

As a result, she graduated from high school with top marks and got into Cambridge. But contrary to her expectations, her sister wasn’t happy.

She started crying and shouted at the author for getting into a more prestigious university than hers. She added that if the author were a good sibling, she would attend a less-known university. She said, "how could you do something like this to me?", "I am the smart child!", "You hate me, don't you?"

Stress of Sibling Rivalry in Adults

The effects of sibling rivalry don’t remain between the siblings and can affect the whole family. Parents might witness their children hating each other out of sibling rivalry.

After that incident, the author blocked her sister on social media and refused to talk to her. Her parents tried to get the author to talk to her sister, saying she was angry at the moment and didn’t mean it. They also called the author immature for not giving her sister a chance to apologize.

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