Stepmom lets herself into teen step-daughter's room while she was changing

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How important is privacy to teenagers?

Having privacy helps teenagers gain autonomy and individuality, and giving children freedom is a part of helping them grow up and cultivate the skills they need as adults.

Not to mention, introverted teenagers can be very private about their feelings and require time to reflect and refuel. So they tend to spend more time in solitude.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman lets herself into her step-daughter’s room while the latter was changing. The step-daughter is an introvert and doesn’t like to spend too much time with her stepmother.

The author starts the post by saying that he and his daughter, Anna (16 years old), lives together. Last year he married Suze, who is suffering from ADHD, after dating for 5 years.

Although Anna is responsible and kind, she is an introvert, unlike Suze, who is outgoing and socializing and also has ADHD. As a result, Anna always ends up declining Suze’s invitation to cook, garden, or do any other activities together.

Anna is always telling Suze off by saying the latter is overwhelming, tends to knock at the door too often, sometimes barges in, and forces her to spend time with Suze. The author has talked to Suze about respecting Anna’s privacy, but he doesn’t think it's good that Anna refuses to maintain any sort of contact with Suze. Anna shared that she knows Suze wishes she was more talkative, so spending time with his wife tires her quicker.

Having said that, when the author reached home yesterday, he heard Anna shout at Suze, asking her to get out. He saw Anna pushing Suze out of her room after the latter knocked and let herself inside Anna’s room when she was changing.

Suze apologized to Anna, saying she had forgotten about her rule. But then Anna said that dealing with Suze was worse than dealing with a small kid.

Hearing this, Suze cried, and the author felt Anna crossed the line. So he grounded her.

Respecting an introvert

One of the ways to respect an introvert is by resisting the urge to interrupt them. One shouldn’t pressure an introvert to spend time with people when they don’t want to.

The author and his wife, Suze, clearly didn’t understand this and pressured Anna to spend time with Suze. Now, Anna is giving him the cold shoulder, which she hasn’t done before, making the author wonder whether what he did was wrong.

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