Man emails his ex, saying their breakup daunts him, a day before his wedding

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What if one can’t get over their ex even when they’re getting married?

Erasing feelings and memories connected to an ex can be hard, especially when you still care for them. Some love their ex months or years after their breakup.

However, it might be a problem if one is in a relationship but still have feelings for their ex-partner.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post in which a woman comes across the email her husband sent his ex a day before their wedding.

Loving one’s ex after marriage

The author starts the post by saying that she and her husband dated for seven years before they married over a year ago. Before they dated, her husband was in a relationship with a woman who wanted to get married. But back then, her husband didn’t want to get married. So they separated.

The author says that she knows her husband’s ex as the latter is his sister’s friend.

She also added that her husband had proposed to her a day after his ex married. His ex hadn’t invited her husband to her wedding, and she remembers him telling his sister that he thought they were better friends.

Having said that, the author and her husband share the same IPad, and he usually logs out of his Gmail after use. But one night, she found the IPad under his nightstand. It was on an email addressed to his ex and sent a day before their wedding.

In the email, her husband wrote that their breakup (with ex) was daunting and that he is finally getting married and moving on. He also apologized for not being ready before and shared that he wonders how their life would have been together.
He wrote that whenever he sees her with her children, he can’t help but think they could have been his if not for his stupidity. He admitted that he was scared of the unknown with the author, even if she made him happy. He ended the email by saying goodbye.

However, his ex didn’t reply to his mail.

And now the author is devastated.

What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts below.

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