Step-sister makes woman homeless at the peak of her pregnancy

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Do babies require rooms for themselves?

Babies depend on their parents during the first few months after birth and don’t necessarily require a room for themselves. In fact, according to experts, it's best to have a baby share a room with its parents initially but sleep in a different bed or cradle.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article published in Newsweek by Ashley Gale on August 5th. The article is about a Reddit post in which a teen girl gets her family, including her pregnant step-sister, evicted after they asked her to give up her room to accommodate the baby and her step-sister’s boyfriend.

The author (a 16-year-old girl) starts the post by saying she has an older half-brother (maternal). She, her dad, step-mom, and pregnant step-sister (17-year-old girl) live rent-free in her brother’s house. He let the family stay in his house because they were evicted from their previous house after her dad lost his job.

The house has three bedrooms, so the author, her step-sister, and dad and step-mom stay in separate rooms. However, the author’s was a bigger room with an attached bathroom, unlike her step-sister’s.

When the author’s step-sister was six months pregnant, her dad and step-mom told her that after delivery, her step-sister’s boyfriend would move in with them, and then they would need another bedroom for the baby. So they offered to clear the shed for the author and asked her to sleep on the couch.

Taking advantage of someone

When someone’s taking advantage of another, the former treats the latter unfairly for their own benefit.

Here, the author’s family seems to be taking advantage of her in the baby’s account.

As for the author, she wasn’t on board with the arrangement and asked her older brother to evict the others from the house. Her brother suggested she move in with him before he asked them to move out as the author could face issues if she lived with them when he broke the news.

About a week ago, her step-sister’s boyfriend moved in with them, the author shifted to her brother’s house, and the family was asked to leave. Now, her dad, step-mom, and step-sister are calling the author to prompt her brother to cancel the eviction.

Now the author is wondering whether she was cruel to evict her family.

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