Bride furious after fiancé cancels all vegan options from their wedding food menu

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Who has the final say in planning a wedding?

Weddings are huge affairs that require careful planning and attending to the needs of different types of guests. One of the most important and stressful parts of wedding planning is deciding the menu.

Ideally, the groom and bride make decisions regarding the menu, ceremony details, music, reception, etc. But in some cases, others might intervene and complicate the process.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article published in Newsweek by Sara Santora on August 5th. The article is about a Reddit post in which the groom sneakily cancels all vegan options in their wedding food menu, inconsiderate of the bride and her family, who’re vegan.

The author starts the post by saying she and her fiancé have a disagreement regarding the wedding food menu. She and her family are vegan, whereas her fiancé and his family are hardcore meat eaters. Her family has chosen this lifestyle for several reasons, one being their history of health issues.

The issue started when she wanted to add 4-5 vegan options to the food menu.

Her fiancé and his mother believed it was a waste of money over food that wasn’t even real food. They also said adding vegan options could be offensive to their guests and suggested including vegan options in the salads and appetizers.

The author disagreed because she and her parents were paying and didn’t want her guests to feel bad by being served just salads. She said it was the final decision and left it there.

Having said that, the author learned that her fiancé canceled all vegan options from the food menu behind her back. When she called him, he was at work and kept hanging up, so she went to his office and flipped on him. He said it was his mother’s idea and asked her not to make a scene in his office.

Wedding planning can show a spouse’s true color

Due to the stress and excitement attached to wedding planning, spouses can show their original behavior and create a lot of issues in the relationship.

As for the author, after her fiancé reached home, they continued the fight. He said she was brushing off his thoughts and opinions and had no other way. She explained that there were many other meat options, and they only had to add 4-5 vegan options.

Later, his mother sent her a detailed message calling her immature and unhinged for making a scene at his office. She also pointed out that the author was dismissive of her son’s input and contributions. She added that the author kept saying, ‘I paid for it’ and pointed out that it was hers and her fiancé's money. She also said that her son and the entire family are mad at the author and think the latter should back down.

However, the author told her that she was still sticking to her decision.

What do you think? Should the author give up to maintain peace? Or should she fight and ensure to add 4-5 vegan options? Share your thoughts below.

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