Man furious at girlfriend for baking food his mother won't like

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Why should one try to please their partner’s parents?

It's natural to want one’s partner’s parents to love them. Getting on your partner’s parents’ good books can smoothen your love life and ease their approval for marriage.

However, some parents can be challenging, and impressing them can be arduous.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article published in Newsweek by Ashley Gale on August 4th. The article is about a Reddit post where a man yells at his girlfriend for making food that his mother doesn’t like. He felt she had to cook something his mother would appreciate to impress her.

The author starts the post by saying that he and his girlfriend, Rosie, have been dating for a year. He says that Rosie and his mother don’t get along because of their contrasting personalities. While Rosie is modern and outgoing, his mother is conservative and reserved. His mother also never liked anyone he dated and he had to shut her down when she made snarky comments about them.

Having said that, the author’s mother is hosting a dinner party, and everyone has to take some food with them (in their culture). He felt it was an excellent opportunity for Rosie and his mother to bond.

The author asked Rosie to cook something that isn’t sweet, but she wanted to bake because she was good at that. So he suggested she google a recipe. When he returned after a while, he saw Rosie making macaron batter and flipped, saying she was being petty. Rosie also got furious and said that she didn’t care what his mother taught and that his mother was not the only guest at the party. Then, he mistakenly asked her not to attend the party, and she confirmed she wouldn’t even if he changed his mind.

How to manage one’s partner’s overbearing mother?

Unfortunately, one could end up with a partner whose mother is overbearing. To ensure one’s relationship with their partner isn’t affected, they can follow some widely accepted tips used to get along with such mothers.

As for the author, he is now worried that his mother won’t like Rosie at all if she doesn’t go to the party.

What do you think? Was the author wrong to ask his girlfriend to make something his mother likes? Share your thoughts below.

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