“I paid for your ticket! Isn’t that enough?” Man furious after wife refused to fly in economy

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Should unemployed wives get the same treatment as their employed husbands?

A stay-at-home mother contributes to society by raising its future generation to be responsible citizens. From a family point of view, they look after the needs of the family, cook food, maintain a clean house, and so on.

But many think housework isn’t real work and devalue the effort stay-at-mother make for the family.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article posted in Newsweek on August 4th, which is written by Taylor McCloud. The article is on a recent Reddit post in which a man books himself and his best friend first-class tickets while getting his wife an economy ticket because she doesn’t earn.

The author starts the post by saying she and her husband hadn’t gone together for an international trip in many years. However, her husband would go every year with his best friend to attend sporting events.

Having said that, this year, her husband said she could go with him and his best friend since they’re going to a new location. Her husband took care of all her expenses like tickets, accommodation, etc., since she is a stay-at-home mother and doesn’t earn money.

Later, the author found out that her husband booked first-class tickets for himself and his friend while she got an economy class ticket. They got into a heated argument about this, and her husband shouted at her.

She wrote he yelled, “I paid for your ticket! Isn’t that enough?".He then went on about how she was acting like royalty and that since she wasn’t working, the economy should be fine for her.

So the author decided not to go on the trip. Then, her husband begged her to follow his plan. But she left and got the kids from her mother's place. Her husband came back after three hours complaining about what happened. At the same time, his best friend, whom they were planning to travel with, texted her, saying she was ‘entitled,’ which is why he didn’t want her to go with them.

Is one ‘entitled’ for asking to be treated equally?

The author blocked her husband’s friend’s phone number because he was being rude to her. Meanwhile, her husband pointed out that she complained about not being included, and when he finally involves her, this happens.

What do you think? Should the author have gone on vacation with her husband and his friend? Or should she have called them out? Share your thoughts below.

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