Man calls pregnant wife 'ridiculous' for crying over soup

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Can pregnancy cravings make one cry?

Pregnancy cravings are sudden urges to eat a particular food. These cravings happen due to hormonal and sensory changes and ensure that the pregnant woman gets enough nutrition.

However, spouses who don’t understand pregnancy well may not understand it. Without proper comprehension, they may not be able to support their pregnant spouses well or understand their cravings.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article published in Newsweek by Ashley Gale on August 4th. The article is about a Reddit post in which a man calls his pregnant wife ridiculous after she started crying due to her unsatisfied pregnancy craving.

The author starts the post by saying that his wife is pregnant with their fifth child. She is a stay-at-home mother because childcare is expensive. He also adds that they aren’t doing well financially right now, so they didn’t fix her broken car.

Having said that, the author’s wife texted him saying she was craving a particular can of soup and asked him to get it. He bought it for her, and she left it on the counter, thinking she would have it after bathing the kids.

Meanwhile, the author’s dad came over to help him build rooms for kids and expressed he was hungry. So the author asked his father to help himself to anything in the kitchen as they had made dinner before.

After his dad left, he heard his wife rummaging through the cupboard, looking for her soup. Later he confirmed with his dad that the latter had it as he didn’t know his wife was saving it.

When he told his wife this, she cried for an hour over it, saying, “She can never have one thing in this house and how bad she was craving it and wanting it so bad.”

Later he told her that she was being ridiculous by crying over soup and that kids do such things.

Having a supportive partner during pregnancy

Spouses play an important role in ensuring their pregnant wives and babies are healthy. Their support can do wonders during pregnancy, especially helping the mother carry out day-to-day activities, provide nutrition, etc.

As for the author’s wife, she explained that he didn't understand her situation and that she had been feeling very emotional and stressed lately. When he shared the incident with his mother, she thought he was very rude.

What do you think? Should the author have handled the situation better? Share your thoughts below.

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