Man complains about how having a baby sabotaged his life

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One should decide to have a baby only after understanding the changes it would bring to one’s life.

Although parenting is a joyous experience, it can often be overwhelming. Caring for a child and attending to their many needs can be physically exhausting.

Moreover, parents are also vulnerable to depression, insinuating feelings of hopelessness, despair, and lack of motivation.

As a result, some parents might regret having children.

This topic was highlighted in an article published in Newsweek by Sara Santora on August 2nd. The article is about a man who believes having a child destroyed his life and sabotaged his wife’s body.

The author starts the post by saying that he and his brother are very different and incompatible. Although he can tolerate his brother, he wouldn’t even call him a friend. While his brother is married to Lisa and has a beautiful one-year-old daughter with her, the author has a girlfriend, Amy.

Having said that, his brother and Lisa invited the author, his girlfriend, and the rest of his family to celebrate his niece’s first birthday.

On the day of the party, the author and Amy arrive early. The author noticed that his brother was calm, unlike Lisa, who was frantically running up and down. When his brother saw Amy, he handed over the baby (whose diaper was full and had vomit on her clothes) to her, grabbed a beer bottle, and watched Netflix.

So the author, Amy, and Lisa readied everything for the party and ignored his brother as he was watching TV and drinking. After the family arrived, everything was going well until the author’s brother approached him. His brother thanked him for helping Lisa, and the author tried to avoid him. But his brother was persistent and started talking about Amy, asking him to take care of her ‘like a real man.’

The author brushed it off as he and Amy were trying to sober him up before the cake cutting, and Amy was only ‘selectively hearing’ because she was occupied. Then, he told them how pregnancy destroyed Lisa’s body and having a child sabotaged his life. The author and Amy decided to leave his brother, but before they could go, his brother shared how he wanted to be intimate with someone ‘fit like Amy.’

Having a child can change one's life.

Since having a child can change one’s life tremendously, it’s imperative that couples have a clear idea about their life after the baby so that they don’t repent.

As for the author, his brother’s revelation made him and Amy uncomfortable, and they decided to leave the party early. Amy apologized to Lisa, and before leaving the party, the author told his brother that he was a disgusting man and needed help.

The author said that his brother started wailing at the party and told everyone what the author said. Although his brother overcame it quickly, a few people told the author he shouldn’t have said that to a father on his child’s birthday.

What do you think? Should the author have kept mum and left the party? Or should he have called his brother out for his actions and words?

Share your thoughts below.

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