Young mother sabotages sister's vacation by making her babysit

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Is it the aunt’s or uncle’s responsibility to babysit during their vacation?

Spending time with kids can wear out an introvert due to overstimulation from kids, who are usually highly energetic and loud. If they do babysit, introverts require some alone time to recharge regularly.

Carla Naumburg, a Massachusetts-based clinical social worker, explains that the need for some solitude and meeting the demands of caring for a child can be complex for introverts.

This topic was highlighted in a recent article published by Ashley Gale in Newsweek on August 2nd. The article is about a woman who had to entertain her sister’s 2-year-old boy during her much-awaited vacation. The post went viral with over 10,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The author starts the post by saying her elder sister has two children, a 2-year-old boy, and another 2-month-old baby. The author said that her sister found it difficult to care for both the kids and mostly asked other people for help. So their mom helps out her sister a lot.

Having said that, the author booked a vacation to a beach a year ago. Since it was expensive, she had to save up for it. When the author asked her mother whether she wanted to come, the latter said yes. So the author booked for two people.

However, a month before the vacation, her mother told her that her sister was also joining them because her boyfriend would be away for a bike vacation. The author specifies that her mother announced it to her. So she booked for her sister as well.

But she raised her concern regarding how she might not get time for herself because she would have to babysit. She explained that she is highly sensitive and gets overwhelmed by constant loud noise, and in such situations, she would just sleep and can’t do anything else.

After spending four days together vacationing, the author realized she hadn’t done anything she wanted to do because she had to babysit her sister’s toddler while her mother and sister were busy caring for the baby or speaking on the phone. The two-year-old boy follows the author even when she goes somewhere for a break and asks her to play. So she has been spending her time sleeping.

Caring for a child being as an introvert

An introvert can work with a child if they follow a few tips. However, that includes them being themselves and taking a break from working with the child.

Here, the author didn’t get any breaks as her nephew would follow her around. Unfortunately, her sister or mother didn’t understand how introverts work with kids.

Despite the effort the author put into engaging the toddler, her sister told her that she was sabotaging her vacation by keeping a long face. Following this, the author and her sister argued that the author had just played with the two-year-old and did not babysit, which is typical for aunts to do (according to her sister and mother).

Her sister and mother concluded that something was wrong with the author for complaining about playing with the two-year-old and asked her to think about what she said. They now refuse to talk to the author and left her crying.

What do you think? Should the author have kept mum about her feelings and continued playing with her nephew? Or did she do the right thing?

Share your thoughts below.

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