Man embarrasses girlfriend's Italian family by speaking Italian

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How to react when one is humiliated publicly?

A recent Reddit post about a man who was having dinner with his girlfriend’s family went viral with over 24K upvotes and 1.5K comments. His girlfriend’s family took pride in their Italian ancestry and kept making jokes at his expense. The post was also published in Newsweek by Ashley Gale on 29th July 2022.

The author starts the post by saying that he had started dating an Italian girl. Her family had men who were into being macho and tested the boys the women in their family dated. They also took a lot of pride in their Italian ancestry.

Despite their love for their heritage, no one in her family spoke Italian except for her grandfather. On the other hand, the author spent 3 years in Italy when he was young and could speak Italian.

Having said that, the author went to have dinner with his girlfriend’s family. During the dinner, the men made fun of the author for different reasons. When they made fun of his IT job, he revealed his salary, and they stopped.

But his girlfriend’s elder brother kept going on about the author playing Lacrosse in high school. According to her elder brother Lacrosse wasn’t manly like football or baseball. He ended his teasing, saying they're an Italian family and like to talk loud and say things they see. Everyone except his girlfriend laughed at this.

So, the author started responding to everything in Italian.

Everyone looked confused except her grandfather, who was laughing, and his girlfriend, who buried her head in shame. Her family said they don’t speak Italian.

Then, the author pointed out that they shouldn’t use their Italian heritage as an excuse to behave poorly.

His girlfriend’s family got mad, but her grandfather sided with him and asked everyone to be quiet.

The author learned from his girlfriend’s sister that all men except her grandfather were furious at him. So he wonders whether he shouldn’t have spoken to them in Italian, knowing they don’t speak the language.

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