Woman leaves nephew unattended for 4 hours because she doesn't babysit

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Should one ever leave a baby unsupervised to prove a point?

Should one ever leave a baby unsupervised to prove a point?

A recent Reddit post about a woman who left her nephew in the entryway for 4 hours because she didn’t agree to babysit went viral with over 11K upvotes and 3.5K comments. The online post was also published in Newsbreak by Matt Keeley on 29th July 2022.

The author starts the post by saying she is childfree because she doesn’t really like children. But her sister, Amber, has a child. Since the author and her sister are from a close-knit family, everyone pitches in to help Amber with her baby.

Having said that, one day, Amber was going by the author’s house to pick up a package that was wrongly delivered. When Amber arrived, she thanked the author for watching the baby while she went out. Although the author refused, stating she didn’t agree to watch the child, her sister pointed out that they’re sisters and ‘family helps family’ and left.

So the author did nothing and left the child in her entryway while she went about her day like usual.

The author left the baby unattended for 4 hours.

The author’s sister was furious when she found her son sitting in the entryway, crying and with a full diaper. The author told Amber that she was lucky the author didn't call the police. But Amber explained that not wanting to babysit doesn’t mean one doesn’t do it.

All their relatives think what the author did was wrong and sided with her sister. Her sister will cut the author off until she apologizes and puts more effort with her nephew.

What do you think? Should the author have watched the baby despite not agreeing to babysit? Share your thoughts below.

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