Woman uninvites parents from wedding because they gave up her room

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Is it right to uninvite one’s parents to their wedding over disagreements?

Usually, ‘difficult people’ have less empathy and are highly critical, making it hard to grow a smooth and healthy relationship with them. Such people may also belittle others, insist everything happens their way, and can’t regulate their emotions.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a woman, whose parents decided to give her room for an 11-year-old girl they were planning to adopt. The woman was adamant about keeping her room and uninvited her parents from her wedding when they redecorated the room.

How long should parents keep their child’s room?

The author starts the post by saying that she is 23 years old and has an elder sister (Jenna, 25 years), a younger sister (Summer, 19), and a younger brother (Jason, 22). A few months ago, her parents took in a family member, an 11-year-old girl named Rachel.

The author explains that Rachel had a difficult life and, consequently, doesn’t talk much, always holds her stuffed elephant, and follows the author’s mom around. Rachel's therapist and the author’s mother agree that Rachel isn’t ready to go to school.

Having said that, Jenna (who has always been a difficult person, according to the author) hasn’t lived with her parents for a while. She moved out while in college, then moved in for a while after college, and is currently staying with her fiance. She is getting married soon, and her parents planned to pay half of the wedding expenditure and also the down payment for Jenna’s new house (as a wedding present).

Her parents had been using Jenna’s room as a guest room, and now Rachel stays there.

The author says that her parents planned to adopt Rachel and want to turn Jenna’s old room into Rachel’s new room. When her parents informed Jenna of this, she gave them an ultimatum - to either keep her room the way it is, or she won’t contact them again.

Recognizing a difficult person is hard

A difficult person shows many traits, and it's important that they recognize these attributes so that they aren’t an inconvenience to those around them.

Having said that, the author and her dad transformed the room anyway, and now, Jenna is in a huge fight with her parents. Jenna not only stopped contacting them but also uninvited them from her wedding. So her parents decided to not fund the wedding or pay the down payment for Jenna’s house.

So Jenna has been calling her parents abusive and neglectful, and this angered the author. So she decided to not go to Jenna’s wedding even though she is the maid of honor.

Now, the author wonders whether she is doing wrong by ditching her sister at the last moment.

What do you think? Should the author go to her sister’s wedding despite what the latter did? Share your thoughts below.

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