Step-brother refuses to apologize to cancer survivor teenager

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What should a parent do when they see their cancer survivor child being bullied?

Children who are going through cancer treatment may experience confusion, sadness, embarrassment, anger, fear, and many other emotions.

In addition to these, they may also face bullying in school, at home, and in other places, they visit.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a mother who criticized her stepson publicly after he pulled down her cancer survivor daughter’s wig.

Should one tease a person when they’re insecure?

The author starts the post by saying her daughter lost hair during her cancer treatment, and she is insecure about it. Her daughter stopped meeting friends or family in person. To make matters worse, her stepson, an 18-year-old, nags her daughter with comments and jokes about her looks. Her husband thinks it’s just teasing.

Having said that, the author’s husband’s sister got married last week. Though initially, her daughter didn’t want to go, she convinced her. But her daughter said she wanted a wig if she were to go to the wedding. However, her husband and stepson laughed when they saw her daughter wearing a wig.

On the day of the wedding, while everyone was eating, the author’s stepson pulled her daughter’s wig down and created a scene. Her daughter ran with her wig because many guests, including her stepson and husband, laughed at what happened. The author lost it and berated her stepson publicly, and left the wedding with her daughter.

How does one bond with step-siblings?

There are many ways step-siblings can bond, but teasing isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, the author’s husband doesn’t think so and believes his son is bonding by bullying his step-daughter.

As for the author, her husband expressed he was upset because she left the wedding in the middle. He was also mad at her for leaving his son and him without a ride.

He asked the author not to interfere in her daughter’s and stepson’s matters because they were bonding. He told her that his son had no malicious intent.

Now, her stepson refuses to apologize for humiliating her daughter, and her husband backs her up.

What do you think? Did the author overreact? Share your thoughts below.

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