Bride kicks out bridesmaid after she spilled wine on wedding dress

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How should a bride react when one ruins their perfect wedding dress?

A wedding dress is the reflection of the bride and her identity. The dress's elegance, sophistication, minimalism, etc., can give a glimpse of the bride’s characteristics.

Nonetheless, a wedding dress is one of the centerpieces of the event. Many women even preserve their wedding dresses as memories of the beautiful day.

How should a bride react when one ruins their perfect wedding dress? What if it was her mother’s wedding dress, which was preserved for years for the bride?

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a bride who kicked out one of her bridesmaids after the latter spilled wine on the wedding dress. Also, the bridesmaid didn’t act remorseful after the incident, which further angered the bride.

Shouldn’t one be careful around wedding dresses?

The author says that she wanted to wear her mother’s wedding dress for her wedding as it was of high emotional value to her, especially after her mother passed away. Wearing it meant she had a piece of her mother with her. But the thought of damaging it broke her heart.

So she planned to wear it only during the wedding ceremony and not to eat or drink anything (except water) while wearing it. She thought of staying inside while wearing the dress. She had also bought another dress to wear for the reception.

On the wedding day, she left her room to check on something for a while. During that time, her bridesmaids decided to open a wine bottle and walked around the room holding their wine. One of the brides wanted a closer look at the wedding dress and accidentally spilled wine all over the bottom of the dress.

When the author heard of what happened, she was devastated. Her maid of honor contacted many professional cleaners, but they said they can’t deliver the dress before the wedding.

The furious author asked the bridesmaid what she was doing with the wine near the dress. The bridesmaid dismissed her concern and asked the bride to wear the dress she intended to wear to the reception.

Is it okay to kick someone out of one’s wedding?

A wedding is a harmonious function, and there are ways one can politely kick someone out of the wedding party.

So the author asks the bridesmaid not to attend the wedding. Although the wedding went smoothly, the bride overheard a few of her bridesmaids saying she was a bridezilla.

Now the author is wondering whether she was wrong to kick out the bridesmaid.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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