Woman labels food kept in fridge to keep boyfriend's friend from taking it

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Is it right to deny someone food?

When living in an apartment with a friend, one might have to share space, food, and other things. It’s important that one doesn’t cross boundaries and interfere with their roommate’s personal matters.

Problems may arise when the roommate has overnight guests due to noise, extra dishes, remote-control battles, and more.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a man whose roommate’s girlfriend labeled food in his refrigerator so that he wouldn’t eat it.

The online post went viral with over 16.2K upvotes and was published in Newsweek by Alice Gibbs.

Should one take something for granted?

The author starts the post by saying that he shares an apartment with a friend he has known for years. They had been staying together for over a year, and haven't had any problems. They split the bills, food, and rent.

A few months ago, the author’s friend started dating a girl who stayed with them every day and night, and he didn’t have any issues. She would eat and take food to her university all the time, and the author never asked her to pay for it. He didn’t think much about it and felt they just had to buy some extra food.

A few days ago, the author drank a Redbull, which he assumed was his friend's, from his refrigerator. The next day, his friend’s girlfriend got furious because one of her Red Bulls was missing.

The author explained what happened. She asked him to apologize for taking something she had bought for herself.

The author was about to tell her that it was a fridge, and he didn’t have to apologize but did it anyway. She also demanded he buy her a replacement.

Since then, the woman started labeling things she bought for herself and made it a point to convey the food was hers.

Living with a roommate isn’t easy

There are a few simple rules one can establish for a smooth experience with roommates.

Unfortunately, the author’s friend’s girlfriend didn’t know this and used what the author paid for but refused to let him drink her Red Bull.

After the incident, the author told his housemate that the girlfriend will have to contribute towards the rent, food, and other bills. He clarifies that he didn’t want to pay anymore.

So his friend’s girlfriend is spending less time at their place now.

But the author is wondering whether what he did was wrong.

What do you think? Should the author have ignored his roommate’s girlfriend’s actions and continued tolerating her?

Share your thoughts below.

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