Woman forbids stepson from eating anything she cooks

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Is it right to hate one’s stepchild?

Being part of a step-family can be difficult for children, especially when the stepparent doesn’t like them. There are several horror stories of having rude stepparents and how they make the child’s life difficult.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a boy whose stepmother forbade him from eating anything she cooked or making anything from the groceries she brought. She wanted the boy to earn, buy groceries with his money, and cook for himself.

The online post went viral with over 21.9K upvotes and 2.8K comments and was published in Newsweek by Samantha Berlin.

Should one deny a child food?

The author starts the post by saying that he is a 16-year-old boy living with his father, who remarried just around a year ago. But his stepmother isn’t comfortable with this arrangement and wants him to stay with his mother. Due to some reasons, he doesn’t get along well with her husband.

The author’s stepmother announced last month that she wouldn’t allow him to eat anything she cooks or use the groceries she buys because he isn’t her problem to deal with. She wants him to get things from his money and cook the food himself.

Although the author was annoyed by what his stepmother said, he agreed and bought groceries and cooked food for himself.

Treat stepchildren with care

Children might go through a lot when their parents divorce and remarry. As a result, one has to be kind and respect their stepchild.

Having said that, a few days ago, the stepmother's sister met with an accident, and she texted the author informing him that she was bringing over her sister’s two children. She asked him to get groceries and snacks and cook a late dinner. He simply ignored the message and didn’t do anything she asked him.

When they reached home and found nothing to eat, the author’s stepmother got furious and ordered pizza.

The author’s father thinks he went too far and should have just done her a favor so that she likes him. But the author explained that his relationship with his stepmother was hopeless as she didn’t like him for some reason. He pointed out that nothing he did would make his stepmother like him, and he has accepted that and stopped caring about it. His father said it wasn’t true and grounded him.

Now the author is wondering whether he should have just prepared dinner for them.

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