Man Leaves Wife After She Takes His Sick Sister To The Pool

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Is it right to not care for a sick person?

Caring for an individual is a great responsibility, and only someone with compassion and sensitivity can do it properly.

A person who is careless and isn’t bothered about the consequences of their actions isn’t a viable choice as a caregiver.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about how a woman took her sister-in-law, who was discharged from the hospital after surgery, to a pool. Her selfish and careless character made her husband consider divorce.

This online post went viral with over 28.8K upvotes and 3.3K comments and was published in Newsweek by Taylor McCloud.

Should one leave divorce because of their spouse’s carelessness?

The author starts the post by saying that she is a 19-year-old young woman who had to get her four wisdom teeth removed. Due to her fear of dentists, the hospital staff had to give her a high dose of a drug, which left her unconscious throughout the surgery.

After the surgery, they asked her to get a responsible adult to drive her home because the drug would make it hard for her to drive. Since her mother was on a work trip and her brother was occupied with work, she called her 24-year-old sister-in-law, who usually cares for her 2-year-old niece. She knew that her niece was at her sister-in-law’s mother's place that day and that her sister-in-law would be free. So the author asked her.

After the surgery, the author was feeling nauseated and disoriented as a part of the drug and had gauze shoved in her mouth to stop bleeding.

After a while, her sister-in-law woke the author up and asked her to go with her. They reached a pool where her sister-in-law was meeting up with her friends. Although the author asked the sister-in-law to drop her home, the latter refused.

The author was feeling very sick and called her brother but couldn't talk to him because of the gauze in her mouth. Luckily, her brother called his wife and asked them to return to the house. Her sister-in-law was angry at her for involving her brother and yelled at her throughout the drive.

When they reached the house, the author’s brother shouted at his wife, and she cried. After the meds wore off, the author got to know that he was considering divorcing her sister-in-law.

Carelessness can stop one’s growth

Not only does carelessness restrain one’s personal growth, but it can also affect those who are involved in one’s life.

Unfortunately, the author’s sister-in-law didn’t understand this.

Her brother decided to divorce her sister-in-law because of what she did to the author and a few other incidents. But the author feels responsible for running her brother’s marriage and is wondering whether she did the right thing by calling him when they were at the pool.

The author shared one of the incidents that prompted her brother to consider divorce in another Reddit post. It said that her sister-in-law had left her niece alone at home with the front door unlocked and went to the convenience store.

What do you think? Shouldn’t the author have called her brother for help when she was at the pool? Share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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