Woman gets husband fired for not going to work

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Does one have to put up with their spouse’s irresponsibilities?

Marriage comes with an increase in bills and a lot of responsibilities. A person who doesn’t do their share of responsibilities can burden their spouse and strain the marriage, especially financially.

The other person might end up paying a major part of the bills while the irresponsible spouse relaxes and makes fewer contributions due to laziness.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a woman who got her husband fired for not going to work. She revealed the real reason her husband wasn’t going to work to his boss.

The online post went viral with 10.9K upvotes and 1.5K comments and was also published in Newsweek by Taylor McCloud.

Should one acknowledge their parent’s irresponsibility?

The author starts the post by saying that her husband makes excuses not to go to work on days he doesn’t feel like it. This had affected them financially as his boss decreased his salary and, as a result, she had to get a second job.

Things got worse after her husband bought a PS5 and played with it throughout the day - after taking off by lying to his boss he wasn’t well.

The author eventually got fed up and asked her husband to quit causing them money. But he asked her to concentrate on her jobs instead.

One day, her husband was sleeping after playing video games all night when his boss called. The author picked the phone up and told his boss that he wouldn’t be going to work because he was up playing video games.

Financial difficulties of living in the US

The US is an expensive country where the cost of groceries, dairy and related products, etc., are increasing. At this time, it could become burdensome if a partner indulges in pleasurable activities and doesn’t contribute financially.

After a few hours, the author received a call at work from her panicked husband saying his boss had fired him and asked her what she told him. Upon knowing the truth, he blamed her for losing the job.

She replied she had to do it because of his schedule and the lack of commitment he showed to his former boss. Her husband went silent except for the occasional rants about how she could have just lied instead of ruining his job.

Now she wonders whether she did the right thing by getting her husband fired.

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