Sisters furious at man for giving his wife inheritance

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Should one expect an inheritance from their sibling?

A death in the family coupled with disagreement over inheritance can be agonizing. The money involved can significantly deteriorate the relationship between a person and their loved ones.

Things can become heated when sibling rivalry and economic disparity are in the picture. Not to mention undue influencers and the mental illness of the beneficiary are also other reasons for inheritance issues.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about sisters who are mad at their brother for giving his inheritance to his wife and not them. The online post went viral with over 5.1K upvotes and 700 comments and was published in Newsweek by Matt Keeley.

Can one demand inheritance from their sibling?

The author starts the post by stating that he has an established real estate company and is in his late 30s.

He then shares something that happened when he was 24 years old (15 years ago). He says that the woman he was engaged to, cheated on him and left him devastated. Following that, he changed his will to transfer all his assets to his sisters and nieces or nephews because he felt he would not love again. He shared this with them during the new year party of 2007 when he was drunk.

Luckily, the author met his wife six years ago during their cancer treatments and fell in love. Although his family knew of her, they didn’t accept her due to undisclosed reasons. He adds that there was no age gap, religious difference, or other issues.

The author couldn’t understand why they didn’t like his wife until his sister approached him, asking which college he thought her eldest child should attend. When he asked why she was consulting him, he came to know that they expected him to pay for it.

Apparently, his sisters were relying on what he told them 15 years ago and thought he would give them his inheritance. The author said that she and her husband were well-off and could afford to pay for college.

He also clarified that his wife would get all the assets after his death. His sister angrily accused his wife of stealing his money. She said he could pay for the college since he won’t be having any kids of his own. The author then explained that they were in their late 30s and could have children. His other sister was also mad at him for leading them on for 15 years.

Can’t one fall in love after a heartbreak?

A person going through heartbreak is in a fight or flight mode and can be an extremist. Due to this, they may be depressed and not have a realistic picture of the future.

The author could have been in such a state when he said he would leave his assets to his siblings. Now he feels he did wrong because he did tell them about leaving his money to them. He adds that there is a good chance he will get cancer again, which could be why his sister didn’t save up for college fees.

What do you think? Should the author leave his sisters everything he owns?

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