Selfish bride berates flower girl, who has cancer, for shaving her head

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Can one justify being insensitive to a sick person?

Ependymoma is a rare type of cancer that starts in the brain or the spinal cord. And like other cancers, it requires harsh treatment like chemotherapy - straining the patient emotionally and physically.

Since many cancer patients require help carrying out day-to-day activities, family plays a large role in their recovery. Caregivers may have to navigate a cancer patient through administering medication, assistance with personal and instrumental care, and more.

However, some people can be ignorant and insensitive to the emotional needs of other people and, thereby, act hurtfully.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a bride who berated the flower girl, who is also a cancer patient, for shaving her head. The online post went viral with over 15Kupvotes and 1.2K comments and was published in Newsweek by Jack Beresford.

Should one control another’s life choices?

The author is a 13-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3 after a month of being asked to be a flower girl at her 24-year-old cousin’s wedding.

As a part of the treatment, the author had to undergo chemotherapy, and, as a side effect, her hair started falling out. Out of anxiety, she asked her cousin what she should do with her hair for the wedding. Her cousin replied that it would be fine and asked her to leave it alone till the wedding.

But everyone knew her hair wasn’t going to last till the wedding. So her brother ordered a wig - that looked a lot like her original hair - online as her hair was falling out quickly. She shares that her hair was coming out in clumps and getting entangled, making her uncomfortable.

A few days before the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, half of her came off, and the author was tired of the mess her hair was creating. So she shaved her head.

The author wore a wig for the rehearsal dinner so the hairstylist could figure out how to style it. All hell broke loose when her cousin walked in while the hairstylist was showing the author how to use wig glue.

When the bride (her cousin) asked why the author didn’t have hair, she explained that she has cancer and lost her hair. Eventually, when the bride berated her, the author told her she shaved her hair.

How important are weddings?

Weddings are undoubtedly large affairs, especially for the couple. However, some brides make a fuss about how beautiful their wedding should be and, during the process, become insensitive and ignorant and hurt others.

This is one such incident.

After the author admitted to having shaved her head, the bride told her she didn’t have permission to do anything drastic with her hair and called her a selfish brat.

Now the author doubts whether she did the right thing by shaving her head.

What do you think? Should the author have waited till the wedding got over to shave her hair off? Share your thoughts below.

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