'Trash' father gives late wife's necklace to step daughter and not her daughter

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Should one claim another person’s possessions?

Engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry are prized possessions in most American families. A possession becomes extremely valuable when its owner passes away, and the item reminds loved ones of their relationship.

But due to their pricelessness, disagreements and disputes over who would own the possession next could arise. In some cases, such conflicts can severely damage relationships.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a 'trash' father who gave his late wife’s valuable necklace to his stepdaughter, despite her daughter claiming it’s hers - because of which, she doesn’t talk to him. The online post went viral with 23.2 K upvotes and 2.1K comments.

Is it right to give an outsider a loved one’s prized possession?

The author starts the post by saying that she married her husband three years back. She explains that her husband has an ex-wife, with whom he has a 17-year-old daughter, and a late wife, with whom he has a daughter in her late 20s.

Her husband had told her in detail about his first daughter not approving of his second marriage, causing issues and, later, divorce. He also shared that his first daughter had still not forgiven him for remarrying and cut ties with him and her stepfamily after turning 18.

However, he had not told the author about the role he played in it and why his daughter hated him.

While attending a family function, an extended relative told the author that her husband’s second daughter took an interest in his late wife’s necklace, which actually belonged to his first daughter. And he gave her that.

His first daughter was furious as she was entitled to her mother’s possessions. However, her husband disagreed and felt his second daughter (from his second marriage) was also entitled to have something from his late wife, even though she wasn't her biological daughter.

When his first daughter pointed out that his late wife wore that particular piece often, he told her it would be a special gift to give her sister. He also called his first daughter selfish for wanting the necklace for herself.

On the other hand, his ex-wife told his first daughter that her mother would want someone as special as her sister to have a piece of her. But his first daughter never got over it and tried to steal it, only to be punished by the author’s husband.

The author shares that the second daughter has the necklace, and she tells everyone that the author’s husband brought it for her.

Losing a dear one is incomparable.

Losing a loved one to death can be one of the most painful realities of life. They might experience waves of intense and complex emotions, including shock, sadness, emptiness, and guilt.

Keeping their valuable possessions can be a reminder of one’s beautiful memories and relationship with them.

That could be why the author got very emotional and confronted her husband. He showed no remorse and said his first daughter should get over it someday.

The author told her husband that he should be ashamed of himself. She expressed that his second daughter doesn’t give the necklace any value or understand its worth. She also said he would be incredibly lucky if his first daughter ever talked to him.

But her husband was angry that the author judged him so quickly. His family supported him, except for the extended family member who told her the story.

Now the author is wondering whether she judged her husband too soon.

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