Bride asks to cut fiancé's daughter's long hair so that she would look better than the girl

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Is it right to force a person due to one’s insecurity?

Marriage is the declaration of love and devotion to your significant other and stands for a lifelong commitment. So many brides treasure their wedding function and dream of looking the best.

However, some may get so obsessed with looking perfect that they become insensitive and illogical. As a result, they hurt those around them and don’t realize it.

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post about a bride who wanted her fiance’s daughter’s to be cut short so that she would look better than the girl. The post went viral with 10.6K upvotes and 1.9K comments.

Should the bride have a say in how a guest dresses?

The author starts the post by saying that he is a 39-year-old man who got engaged to a 35-year-old woman a few months back. They made all arrangements and were happy until his fiance got herself involved in his 14-year-old daughter’s look for their wedding.

She even paid for his daughter’s wedding preparations and suggested cutting the teenager’s long hair. She said she wanted to encourage his daughter to try new stuff.

But his daughter wasn’t interested in doing so. In spite of that, his fiance brought magazines and visited websites with different hairstyles for his daughter to choose from. The author, too, asked his fiance to let it go when he felt his daughter was getting uncomfortable.

Although she dropped the topic for a few days, she brought it up again during breakfast again and begged his daughter to revisit a look she suggested. The author got fed up and blew up at her after asking his daughter to leave them alone.

His shocked fiance explained that she wanted her and her bridesmaids to look the best at their wedding and that his daughter was purposely trying to stand out. She accused his daughter of picking a beautiful dress and not shortening her hair to look better than everyone.

Effect of clothing on teenagers

Most teenagers are conscious of how they look and, often, connect it to their self-esteem. So it's best not to interfere in such matters unnecessarily.

That’s what the author asked his fiance to do - not interfere in his daughter’s choice of growing her hair. But his fiance doesn’t see how cutting hair is a problem because it’ll grow back.

She also felt the author was undermining her role as a stepmother and making her look bad for suggesting a haircut, and that escalated the argument.

Now, his fiance shifted to her mother’s place and is talking about how unfair the author was to yell at her.

What do you think? Did the author do the right thing by asking his fiance not to force his daughter to get a haircut?

Share your thoughts below.

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