Autistic man shouts at woman because she ignored him

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When engaging in conversations with an autistic person, one has to be friendly, patient, and listen carefully to what they are saying. An autistic person may also require one to express issues as they usually aren’t born with such skills.

Sometimes, like those without autism, autistic people can be difficult. However, one has to have some tact, understanding, and assertiveness to handle such situations.

This was highlighted in a Reddit post published in May 2022 about an autistic guy shouting at a woman on his flight for continuously ignoring him.

Is it wrong to ignore an autistic person?

The author is a 19-year-old young woman who happened to be seated in the same row as an autistic young man in his 20s. The author said that she has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and slept only for four hours the previous day, due to which she was exhausted.

However, her autistic co-passenger kept talking and wouldn’t let her sleep. He told her about his autism and asked whether she liked K-pop. He continued talking non-stop and didn’t give the author a chance to reply.

Since she understood that he wouldn’t have picked up on her disinterest in talking with him, she said she wanted to sleep before putting on her headphones. But he only remained silent for two minutes and resumed talking to her.

The author wrote that she told him about five times that she wanted to sleep.

Finally, the author slept for four hours before the autistic co-passenger started talking to her again. Since she was socially exhausted due to personal issues, she spoke to him for a while, after which she started watching a show on her phone.

The author told him a few times that she wasn’t in the mood to talk then and would maybe talk to him later. When he kept talking, she unintentionally snapped at him, and he continuously apologized to the author.

The author felt terrible about hurting him and explained that she didn’t want to talk then. But he continued talking, and the author decided to put on her headphones and ignore him. This annoyed him, and he stood on the aisle and shouted at her.

He said something along the lines of why women couldn’t believe not all men are bad, and some stand with women. He said he was a good guy and questioned why she ignored him. Saying this, he ran off to the bathroom.

How to handle an autistic person

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), about 1 in every 44 children is autistic. As a result, knowing how to behave with autistic people might help one if they run into them.

As for the author, she asked the flight attendant to get her another seat explaining that her autistic co-passenger had frightened her. She shifted to another seat with their help.

Now, the author feels what she did wasn’t right. She thinks she shouldn’t have ignored him.

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