Man lifts more than 280 lbs with one finger and breaks a 10-year-old Guinness World Record

Aabha Gopan

Steve Keller, a British man from the UK, has made a Guinness World Record for the heaviest single-finger deadlift, breaking a decade-old record by almost ten kilograms.

Mr. Keller is a martial artist by profession, and he made this record in Ashford in February 2022. It was an incredible display of strength as Mr. Keller lifted more than 129 kg (285.49 lbs) with just one finger for eight seconds.

While creating this record, he lifted six discs of various weights in front of a large crowd, leaving them spellbound. There was one small disc weighing 10 kg, one weighing 20kg, three weighing 25 kg each, and four weighing 26 kg each. "It was incredibly painful, but my fingers are strong, and I am proud of my lift," said Steve.

He is a 48-year-old practicing strength training for the past four years. He has been training in a dojo since he was a teenager and taking Karate training since he was eighteen. During his training, he could shatter wind bricks with his bare hands. That is when he realized the strength of his bones.

While playing with weights, he tried lifting heavy weights with just one finger and was amazed at his ability to do so. He then looked up the Guinness World Record book to see if such a feat had been attempted before. As per the GWR, Steve Keller has dedicated this record to his late stepfather.

The previous record-holder, Benik Israyelyan, lifted 116.90 kgs with his finger in 2011. In the same year, he decided to give it another try and broke his record by lifting 121.70 kgs, and this challenge remained unbroken until Keller attempted it.

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