Bridezilla mad at sister-in-law for stealing her thunder by being pregnant

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Should one not attend a wedding when pregnant?

A wedding is undoubtedly a special moment in a couple’s life. It's the beginning of a new journey involving legal commitment to be there for each other.

Due to how special a wedding is, some brides feel unfair when others become the center of attention during the function. There have been instances where brides lash out at others for making them feel less special on ‘their day.’

This topic was highlighted in a recent Reddit post where the sister-in-law showed up pregnant, catching everyone’s attention. She also inadvertently announced the baby’s gender, making the bride furious.

The online post went viral with over 11.6K upvotes and 1.4K comments.

Is it wrong to show up at a wedding when pregnant?

The author is a 36-year-old woman who isn’t close to her family as she lives in a different state. She found out she was pregnant after she separated from her husband. And her extended family didn’t know about the separation or the pregnancy.

When her brother called to invite her to the wedding, she informed him that she would be attending alone. Upon knowing she was pregnant, her brother congratulated her. Her parents also knew about the separation and the pregnancy.

On the wedding day, everyone was surprised to see the author who was seven months pregnant and divorcing. To avoid too much attention, she replied to all questions with as little information as possible.

Since the wedding was in a small town and the priest knew her since she was a kid, he mentioned her during the ceremony. He said something along the lines that he hopes the family of the bride and groom will have many more children.

The author adds that she had to correct her brother when he said he wanted to take a picture with his favorite sister and first nephew. She politely told him that he was having a niece.

All these events got the bride mad and she yelled at the author for upstaging her wedding with pregnancy and gender announcement.

Weddings and pregnancies are beautiful

Just like a wedding, pregnancy is also the beginning of a new journey. Both these can hold paramount significance in a person’s life.

As for the author, everyone from the bride’s family thinks what she did is wrong. But her brother disagrees and feels his wife acted a little weird. Her parents said she should have told others she was pregnant before the wedding and kept quiet about the gender.

Now the author is wondering what she did wrong.

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