Man helps woman realize his brother played her for 18 years

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Is playing with a person’s feelings right when one isn’t interested?

People can play with their significant other’s feelings by manipulating them to believe they both want the same things from the relationship. This entails a person claiming to be fully into their partner even if they're not.

Not only can this hurt the partner’s self-esteem and mess with their emotions, but it can also complicate the couple’s life. The partner might feel like they’re in a one-sided relationship after seeing no effort from their significant other to attain their common relationship goal.

This topic was highlighted in a Reddit post published in April 2022, which went viral with over 22.8K upvotes and 2.5K comments. The post is about a man who had to put an end to his brother’s 18-year-long relationship with a woman he kept leading on.

Is it right to run away on your wedding day?

The author explains that his brother (39 years old) was in an 18-year-long relationship with a woman (39 years old). They got engaged eight years back and were supposed to marry three years ago. But his brother bailed out a few months before the wedding due to commitment issues after their father left them.

His brother attended therapy, and everyone felt he would change and become the partner the woman deserved last year. They set another wedding date in April 2022. As it approached, everyone noticed his brother becoming anxious, but his brother assured them everything was okay.

On the wedding day, his brother didn’t turn up even after the bride and bridesmaids arrived. Everyone consoled the bride saying his brother might have drunk a lot the previous night. So they ended up waiting for four hours, after which the bride left for the hotel.

The author’s other brothers and brother-in-law even looked for the groom in the police station, wondering whether he got arrested. After a few hours, they found him in a bar and tried convincing him to attend his own wedding.

Is it wrong to put a private call on loudspeaker?

Commitment issues can need attention when it causes anxiety and mental distress. If the person with commitment issues is in a relationship, it can emotionally hurt the partner who longs for a romantic relationship.

The author's sister rang her husband up, and the author felt the groom acted like a child who didn’t want to go to a doctor. The author decided that he had enough of his brother’s antics.

So the author called his brother-in-law and put the phone on loudspeaker in front of the bride. His brother opened up about how he felt she wasn’t the one and explained that he was staying with her because he didn’t want to be alone. After this, the bride went on her honeymoon alone and left the author’s brother at the altar.

Now, all his family, except his two sisters, blame him for breaking the relationship.

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