Woman refuses to take ex-husband's 'affair child' to Disney

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An affair will undoubtedly have a negative effect on family life. What’s worse is having a child from the affair. This can make continuing in the relationship all the more difficult.

The couple, especially the partner who was cheated on, might find it uncomfortable to take the child in. This child can be a constant reminder of the partner’s infidelity and make living together challenging.

With that said, a Reddit post in May highlights this issue and has received 16.2K upvotes and 3.6K comments. The post is about a woman whose ex-husband asked her to take his child, who was the outcome of the affair that split them, to Disneyland along with their son.

Should one feel responsible for their ex-spouse’s children?

The author starts by saying that she has a 13-year-old son with her ex-husband. The couple divorced after her husband had an affair and another son from it. At the moment, he is a single father because the woman with whom he had the affair left.

She continued that her son goes to the ex-husband’s place during the weekend, and sometimes his child comes over to their house, as the children are somewhat friends. She also added that she doesn’t mind when the ex-husband’s child visits.

Everything went smoothly until the author saved up money for them (she and her son) to go to Disneyland. When the son mentioned this to the ex-husband, he called her up and asked when they were leaving and who was driving. She then clarified that only she and her son were going.

Her ex-husband started accusing her of favoring her son over his half-sibling and also said that she was being petty.

Should one consider a child from the ex-spouse’s affair as their own?

Disney is a great tourist attraction for children and adults. It would be hard for a child to be left out of visiting the entertainment complex.

As for the author, she made it clear that she wouldn’t pay for an extra ticket and supplies for the ex-husband’s son. She added that he should pay for it if his son wanted to go.

But that didn’t stop the ex-husband. He told their son that he was disappointed with her decision and asked him to change her mind. A few of her friends agree with her ex-husband and think she should take his child (from the affair) with them.

What do you think? Should she take her son’s half-sibling to Disneyland?

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