Woman makes sister-in-law pay above average rent for one bedroom

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Rents in the USA are soaring high and have hit another record, with the national median rent being $1,827 a month in April. This is 16.7% higher than last year’s.

This surge is fed by the difference between rental supply and rising demands. If this trend remains, typical rent could be more than $2,000 a month by August.

A recent Reddit post on the topic received 28.3K upvotes and 1.9K comments. The post is about a woman who charged her sister-in-law above-average rent for a bedroom.

Should you charge a family member high rent?

The author starts her post by saying that her house was burnt down by thunder two years ago. Fortunately, her three children, herself, and her husband were not at home and were safe. However, it took 11 months for the insurance to payout. But the insurance paid only for one month's worth of hotel stay. So they had to move in with her sister-in-law.

She offered a spare bedroom and office room, which she didn’t use, and asked them to purchase food and pay $100 per week. But all that changed after three weeks.

The author and her family were allowed to use only one room and had to pay $250 per week. The room they were allowed to stay in was as small as a glorified closet and didn’t fit a twin-sized bed and a small dresser. So they had to live off trash bags. This went on for a few months.

The author added that the sister-in-law didn’t have any bills other than yearly land tax worth $450 and electric and heating oil, which she hardly used.

Is tit for tat petty?

According to a study published in Oxford Academic, revenge induces pleasure.

Fortunately, three months ago, the author’s grandmother decided to go to assisted living after she fell down. She transferred the deed of her five-bedroom farmhouse to the author.

After two months, her sister-in-law lost her house as she didn’t pay her land tax for years. The sister-in-law asked the author whether she and her step-daughter could stay with them till they save enough money to move.

The author agreed but told the sister-in-law she has to pay $800 per week for a room and purchase and cook food separately as the author’s daughter is a vegan. The sister-in-law explained that they shouldn't have to share a room when there were two spare rooms. She also said she couldn't afford to pay $800 and purchase food.

The author wrote, “Neither could we, but we managed to cram five people into a glorified closet space while you were getting $1000 and food stamps. Take it or leave it.”

Now, most of her husband’s family thinks she should let the past go and stop being childish.

What do you think? Should the author forgive her sister-in-law and accommodate her free of cost?

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