Sister-in-law asks brother to cancel his wedding because she is going through a divorce

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Divorce is an upsetting and stressful event, especially since one has to manage legal procedures along with emotional distress.

Emotionally, one might feel sad, angry, and confused during a divorce. They can experience guilt for not making their relationship work. They can also suffer from depression at the thought of not being able to adapt to the changes.

However, some people going through a divorce can be unreasonable due to emotional distress.

This issue was discussed recently on a Reddit post on how a woman, who was going through a divorce, wanted to cancel her brother’s wedding.

Should couples cancel their wedding if any of their loved ones are getting divorced?

The author starts the post by saying that she and her fiance are planning to get married in September.

Her fiance’s sister is getting divorced after discovering that her husband of 16 years had been cheating on her for the past 2 years. They had been together since they were 19 years old, and now they are 34 years old. After the divorce, she would be left with three kids to look after.

As a show of support and solidarity for his sister, her fiance’s family expects them to cancel their wedding because they don’t think it is a good time to celebrate. Her sister-in-law also shared the same opinion.

The author wrote her sister-in-law said, “There are no ifs and buts, and the wedding is getting canceled, and it's the respectful thing to do.”

How can you support a loved one while they are getting a divorce?

The best way to cope with a divorce is by allowing oneself to function less optimally and taking time to heal. Also, one needs to share their emotions with others and exercise plenty.

A caring friend or relative needs to make sure the person getting divorced knows they aren’t being judged. The former also needs to include the latter in social events and help them establish a new normal.

As for the author, while she feels bad for her soon-to-be sister-in-law and understands her situation, she doesn’t think her marriage is related to the divorce. Her fiance also agrees with the author and said it’s unreliable to cancel the wedding.

What do you think? Are the couple selfish for not considering the sister-in-law’s feelings and canceling the wedding? Or are they doing the right thing by going forward with it?

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