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Casey White in Custody, Vicky White Dead as Manhunt Comes to an End

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Security footage of Casey White(Photo: US Marshals)

After a sighting of the fugitives was reported in Indiana on Monday, police closed in on murder suspect Casey White and the jail official who helped him escape, Vicky White (no relation). The couple was found in Indiana after eluding capture for 11 days.

38-year-old Casey White was taken into custody alive. 56-year-old Vicky White died at the hospital after allegedly shooting herself.

The couple had been in a relationship, believed to be romantic, for about two years before planning Mr. White’s escape from custody which took place on April 29 when Ms. White helped him walk out of the Lauderdale County Jail by falsely claiming she was taking him to a mental health evaluation required for his upcoming murder trial. This came on the last day she was supposed to be at work before retirement.

Casey White and Vicky White(Photos: US Marshals)

Ms. White bought them time to escape by saying she had a doctor’s appointment after she took him to his appointment, where she said she would turn him over to other officers. By the time anyone realized that neither she nor he had returned to the jail, the pair had bought a six-hour headstart to disappear.

Investigations after their disappearance revealed their previous undisclosed relationship and some of the planning that had taken place to get Mr. White out of custody. Ms. White had sold her house, bought a car using an alias, and set things in motion to facilitate the escape.

More information will be released as the investigation into how this incident unfolded continues and following an autopsy of Ms. White, which will be conducted by the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office. The coroner's results are expected as early as late on Tuesday.

The capture came after Vicky White was spotted leaving a hotel in a wig in Evansville, Indiana on Monday. She then got into a Cadillac driven by Casey White and left. A police chase ended when a U.S. Marshal rammed the fleeing car, causing it to crash. Casey White surrendered without further incident but told police that Ms. White, who he referred to as his wife, had shot herself and needed assistance. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Overturned vehicle driven by Casey White and Vicky White(Photo: NBC)

The gun allegedly used by Vicky White to commit suicide was the only weapon recovered from the vehicle.

Casey White has been returned to custody and will face added charges, including escape, as well as the ones he was already imprisoned for and the possible death sentence he was up against for the 2015 murder of Florence resident, Connie Ridgeway.

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