Vanished - Where is Randy Parscale Jr.?

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Randy Parscale at time of disappearance(The Charley Project)

On April 7, 1979, 10-year-old Randy Doyle Parscale Jr. was out hiking with family members in Peppersauce Canyon, located in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Oracle, Arizona. While his grandfather and two brothers move along the path, Randy rushed up ahead of them and vanished from sight.

According to The Charley Project, police were called to help search for him, but they found nothing that would lead them to him. One of the searchers did find a set of footprints, but when they followed them, they found that they stopped at the edge of a dirt road. It is possible that Randy got into the car with someone there. This seems like a real possibility since a thorough search of the canyon yielded no clues to where Randy might have gone.

With so little to go on, investigators can’t say whether Randy was abducted or merely became lost in the canyon and perished. He suffered from asthma and that may have affected his ability to get back from where he might have wandered. There are also a number of caves and mine shafts in the area, so there is the possibility that he fell into one of them.

Per NamUs, Randy is a white male with brown hair and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance, Randy was wearing a long-sleeved red and green striped shirt, an olive-green hunters' vest or jacket, blue jeans, and shoes with a bulls-eye pattern on the soles.

Today, Randy would be 53 years old. An age progression was last done for him in 2012.
Randy Parscale - age progression to 43(NamUs)

Anyone with information about Randy Parscale Jr. is asked to contact the Pinal County Sheriff's Office at 520-866-5111.

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