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Kevin Bradshaw — Missing from Rome, GA since September 10, 2021

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Kevin BradshawPhoto: Bradshaw family/Facebook

On September 10, 2021, at around 9:30 p.m., James Kevin Bradshaw’s sister dropped him off behind a friend’s house on South McLin Street in South Rome, Georgia. No one has heard from him since. Per my discussion with his sister and mother, security cameras in the area had already been taped over by the time they could be retrieved from store owners for examination, and no one has seen or talked to him.

They also told me that Kevin had an active cell phone with him, it has not been used since that day. Attempts by police to ping it for a location have proven unsuccessful. It appears to them that the phone is turned off or perhaps the battery is depleted.

According to NamUs, James is a 41-year-old white male with brown hair and brown eyes. He is six feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds. He has the initials “JKB” tattooed on his right arm. A heart with the names of three girls is tattooed in the shoulder blade area of his back.
Kevin BradshawPhoto: Bradshaw family/Facebook

Fox 5 in Atlanta reports that investigators working on the missing person case believe Bradshaw could have gotten a ride from someone to Maple Street or headed to somewhere else on South McLin Street after being dropped off by his sister. Police say that he was wearing blue jeans when he disappeared, but his family wasn’t certain of what shirt or shoes he had been wearing when they last saw him.

Police have searched for the missing man since a missing person’s report was filed on September 26, once the family realized Bradshaw could not be found. Though they continue to pursue all leads, they’ve been unsuccessful in getting any further with locating him.

Kevin’s sister, Jessica Bradshaw, was kind enough to share with me a few of the things she keeps close to her heart about her brother. Like most siblings, they had their squabbles growing up, but her love for him is obvious in her words.

Jessica noted that Kevin is usually talkative and can be opinionated, but that “runs in the bloodline.” She recalled memories of their high school years, describing him as “tall, dark and handsome” — "the kind of guy girls found attractive", adding that “he didn’t mind the attention” followed by a fond laugh.

Jessica said that Kevin graduated from Pepperell High School in 1998. He was a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA) and served as secretary one year. He loves being outside in nature and growing things. He’s an avid fisherman and hunter.

Jessica went to Pepperell, as well, graduating one year after Kevin. They were remarkably similar in looks and close in age, so some of the other students called Jessica “the Bradshaw twin” which amused Kevin but embarrassed her terribly, according to her recollection. Now, that teasing must seem so insignificant to her as she searches for her missing brother.

Kevin married his high school girlfriend and they had one daughter before divorcing. He then met a new love and had another child with her. There is no doubt that his adult daughter and young son are missing their father tonight. Jessica says that there is no way he would have just left them this way.
Kevin BradshawPhoto: Bradshaw family/Facebook

Jessica expressed how close Kevin is to his mother, Elaine Wells. He always has chosen to live near her. When Elaine once moved out of state, Kevin moved in with Jessica because he didn’t like living alone. It is this closeness and need to be with his family that doesn’t mesh with any claims that he may have simply chosen to disappear and be on his own. Nothing about his nature seems to indicate that he is the kind of person who would have just run away.

“He [Kevin] was not perfect, but we miss him and want to know where he is at. He would never leave his son or do this to our mom. I know my brother is better than that.” - Jessica Bradshaw

Kevin’s mother, Elaine, also expressed that she just wants to know where her son has gone. As if she isn’t distraught enough, she has received phone calls from people making false claims in an attempt to extort money from her and false tips that have not panned out and seem to just be malicious in nature.

Then, there were the moments in early October when a body was recovered in Calhoun County, Georgia. The body was determined to not be that of Kevin but waiting for that determination was a tough time for his family.

The months of waiting for police to make any progress in the case have also taken their toll, but the family remains hopeful that Kevin will be found. They continue to appeal to the public for help in finding him. Per the Facebook page set up to help locate Kevin, his family is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to his whereabouts.
Kevin BradshawPhoto: Bradshaw family/Facebook

The Rome Police Department issued the following statement to Fox 5:

“Please search all property, access to property, home surveillance systems, animal/trail cameras, and bodies of water for any sign of James Kevin Bradshaw.” — Rome Police Department

A Go Fund Me page has been started by Kevin’s mother to help with the expenses of private searches for him. Any amount that can be donated to help her locate her son will be greatly appreciated.

The loss Kevin’s family feels without him, especially amid the holidays, can be felt in the simple statement she made as my conversation with her and her daughter came to a close:

“I love and miss my son very much, as we all do.” — Elaine Wells

The public is asked to contact the police with any information they might have which could help find Bradshaw and bring him back home safely to his family. Please call the Rome Police Department at 706–238–5111 or Floyd County 911.

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